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The NCAHCSP is now an affiliated chapter of the

International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management

Message from President


On behalf of the North Carolina Association of Hospital Central Service Professionals, I want to welcome you to NCAHCSP!


I am excited that you are a member and committed to the SPS profession.  The NCAHCSP has established itself statewide as the leading educational organization through innovative programs that enhance the development of Central Service Professionals. That is exactly what we continue to do. 



I want to personally thank all the board members for their hard work and dedication to the SPS profession and the Association.  The members of the Board work endless hours to make the Association and meetings successful.  Please take time to thank them for their hard work.



Being a member of the NCAHCSP is rewarding in many ways.  I encourage you to become involved with the Association.  We are always looking for individuals to serve on committees and fresh faces to serve on the Board of Directors.



A special thank you to all the vendors who support the Association and the SPS profession.  Please make sure to visit the vendors at all our meetings if you have the opportunity.  If it were not for our vendor contributions and support, we would not be able to have these educational meetings.



I am honored to be part of the North Carolina Association of Hospital Central Service Professionals and the SPS profession.  I value each of you and what you have to offer the SPS profession.  It is a privilege to serve.  I appreciate your support this year and I am excited to continue to move the Association and the SPS profession forward.




Stacie Patterson

NCAHCSP President




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Current Membership

As of October 5, 2018, 203 hardworking, dedicated professionals in NCAHCSP!

We ended the 2017 membership year with 231 members!

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